We're transforming organic waste through compost!

With 40 years of experience, we first entered the market as Composts du Québec, and later operated under the company name GSI Environnement subsidiary of Englobe.

In fact, Biomass (or composting) treatment centres present a pragmatic and inexpensive solution to the problem of managing and treating organic waste (green residue, food waste, sewage treatment sludge, agri-food waste, etc.), ultimately transforming it into compost, a product with a host of benefits. The development of our processes on an industrial scale is the cornerstone of our industry-leading expertise, recognized both nationally and internationally.

Our connected network comprises: 3 treatment centres in North America.

Pioneers in the business of composting since 1979, Englobe engages in the beautification of our living environments by transforming organic waste produced by our communities, and redistributing it in the form of compost and fertile soil. These products subsequently play an integral part in the greening of our cities and living spaces, for the benefit of the people who reside within them.

Discover our expertise by watching the video below: