We work to enrich the potential of our soils

Our complete range of Eco-products is the result of our desire to transform all the organic waste generated by our communities into compost and other products using compost as raw material, especially compost. But why use the word Eco-product?

Economic as an Eco-product!

Compost supplies our soils with an abundance of nutrients. Compost contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, all of which are vital to plants, as well as trace minerals, which are equally important, such as calcium, magnesium, and copper.

Ecological as an Eco-product!

Compost stimulates life in our soils and biodiversity. Compost contains microorganisms, which are responsible for biodegradation by acting on decomposable matter and transforming it into stable organic matter and fertilizer for plants. Due to its high concentration of organic materials, compost helps prevent compacting of the soil, allowing water to better access, and nourish, the roots. Compost improves the structure of our soils and helps heathly soils!

Certification for Eco-products (BNQ CERTIFICATION 0413 -200/2005, # 971 and # 665)

This national standard for quality specifies the physical, chemical and organic characteristics of compost products. Certified compost ensures safety (impurities, trace elements, measurement of fecal coliform bacteria and salmonella), efficiency (stability-maturity testing) and profitability (moisture content and organic matter). In parallel, many of our soil-based products meet the BNQ standards for compost, the Quebec Ministry of Transportation’s 9101 standard and numerous municipal and commercial specifications.