Health & Safety

Englobe attaches great importance to its employees’ health and safety, whether they are operating soil treatment and biomass reclamation facilities or working at its laboratories and in the field. Englobe has made it a priority to raise awareness of occupational hazards among its staff and their adoption of safe habits and behaviours in the performance of their daily tasks is therefore critical.

Englobe knows that safety is the result of close and constant attention to planning, training and inspection. We are proud of the efforts made by all of our employees at our many offices, our road map, which has earned numerous awards, and our OHSAS 18001 certification, which we have obtained for most of our business locations. Achieving this internationally recognized standard attests to the quality of the system put in place to prevent work-related accidents and illnesses, ensure respect for legal and requirements and continuously aim to improve the company’s management system.

To that end, Englobe has adopted a strict policy and a framework program based on this certification and also has a full-time occupational health and safety advisory team to assist our business units in managing and achieving their health and safety objectives.