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Plant compost




Vegetable food scraps

Ligneous matters


To enrich all types of soil, and improve the structure of sandy, loamy or clay soils.


Improves water retention in soil!

This compost can retain water quantity equivalent to 200% of its dry weight, while poor soil only retains 20%. This would increase the soil’s resistance to drought.

Improves soil structure.

Thanks to its organic matter content, this compost allows for reduced compaction in clay soil, thereby helping water to better penetrate soil and nourish roots. In sandy soil, this compost helps form aggregates that will better retain water and nutrients (reduction of lessivage).

Brings nutritious elements to your plants and soil!

Contains the nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that your plants need, as well as essential minor minerals such as calcium, magnesium and copper.

Stimulate life in your soil!

Contains microorganisms that are responsible for biodegradation. These transform the decomposable matter into stable organic matter and make available the nutrients necessary for plant growth.

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Other BNQ certified compost are available for specific commercial or agricultural purposes.

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